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This products requires that either the P2O Live or the free P2O Evaluation product be installed.

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What Is F2F

F2F is a MS Project add-in that it enhances the content of the Notes field for user selected tasks. This means the notes in your Outlook items (Appointments and Tasks) can contain any information you can add to the Task Window in MS Project!

F2F is:

  • Flexible – Choose what information appears in the Notes field.
  • Easy to maintain – Safely remove previously exported information with ease.
  • Simple to update – Easily update previously exported Notes information.
  • Powerful – Select specific tasks to update or update all tasks in the project.

If you have existing text in a Notes field, F2F will append the required information without changing the existing text.

Note: F2F should not be used for MSP Tasks that have embedded objects in the Notes field (e.g. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, pictures…). If you use the Notes field for text then F2F is the perfect way to enrich the content of exported information.

F2F In Action

The steps below show the approach; the steps are explained in more details in the User Guide.


  • Given the following MS Project Task


  •  Access F2F (in the M5 Tools menu)


  • Select Configure F2F

Choose the MSP Table which contains the information for the Notes Field.


  • Click Combine Fields

The Task information in now contained within the Notes field ready for export to Outlook.



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