How To: Export Microsoft Project Tasks to an iPhone


This blog addresses a common questions how do you Export Microsoft Project Tasks to your iPhone calendar? 

This makes perfect sense so I’ve created some simple steps. If you have key dates and milestones in your or your teams’ smartphones then how can the project fail (if only Project Management were that simple)!

The steps below are, I believe, suitable for any smartphone that has Outlook integration software and open the use of Project to a wider audience. I used these steps to export my daughters GCSE revision time-table from MS Project into her iPhone; since GCSE’s (UK exams) are all about covering the material this worked really well, 10 A/A*’s :). Here goes…

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Viewing this weeks tasks in Microsoft Project

I received this question from a customer:


I have a project plan which shows all the key tasks and as part of a weekly project meeting I’d like to be able to apply some filter that would only show those tasks that should have been completed that particular week. Is there any functionality such as that within MSP that I can use?



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